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Redesign Layouts

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The layout of the building should be based on a complete analysis of the flow of the work process and all the necessary movements of people, loads, material and equipment of different types, shapes and weights.

The Three ‘A’s



Objectives: To operate the warehouse in a sufficiently nimble fashion, to be able to respond to sudden changes in demand, and to have the capability of handling predictable disruptions according to a prearranged plan.


  • Create a plan to ramp up to meet a sudden 30% increase in volume.
  • Do the same for an unexpected 30% decrease in volume.
  • Create contingency plans to deal with a variety of disasters.
  • Create a crisis management team with procedures and readiness drills.



Objectives: To create long-range capabilities to meet market shifts, management changes, and technological developments


  • Insure that no single customer represents over 30% of warehouse capacity or revenue.
  • Create a succession plan for every management position.
  • Create a research and experimental team to test new concepts and methods.
  • Perform annual management reviews of emerging technology.
  • Measure and evaluate the needs of your customer's customer.



Objectives: To insure that both the long and short term goals of warehouse managers are aligned with corporate goals


  • Review warehousing goals with senior management each quarter.
  • Create incentives that reward managers for achieving corporate goals.
  • Evaluate and communicate changes in corporate strategy and goals.
  • Share risks and gains of warehouse improvement initiatives.

Certified Testing of All Brands of Racking