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Engineering Reports

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Engineers with over 10 years experience in the Racking industry can be commissioned to:

  • Report on custom made or Fabricated Racking for purposes of Australian Standard compliance, load ratings & safety issues.
  • Raised Storage Areas – Design, relocation sign off & load rating purposes.
  • Reconfigurations of existing Warehouse facilities to create more capacity or improved time & space efficiencies.
  • Designing of new Warehouse facilities to your requirements.
  • Safety Barriers for Racking & Forklift areas.
  • Calculations for Wind Actions for exterior Racking, Seismic calculations for racking being located in Earthquake prone areas.
  • Calculations for Material handling equipment – design & load ratings & sign-offs, ranging from trolleys & carts to forklifts & overhead / jib cranes.



  • Certified Testing of All Brands of Racking