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About Us

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Established to fulfill a growing demand for workplace safety of storage racking systems, Racking Audits Australia is the industry leader of storage system auditing, warehouse design, layout and maintenance of industrial storage systems.

Our services ensure your workplace remains safe and compliant, simultaneously maximizing warehouse space, efficiency, accessibility and product flow.

Racking Audits Australia stays up to date with new technologies via a networking program with other prominent Warehouse/logistics/electronic systems professionals.

Racking Audits Australia can ensure your racking complies with OH&S standards. It pays to make sure your racks are free from damage and structurally safe. Unsafe racking can not only cost your company money in workplace health and safety fines, it can also cost lives. 

Racking Audits Australia has over 10 years of experience in the warehousing and racking industry ranging from: 

  • Complete redesigns of warehouses to increase flow & productivity.
  • Designing conveyor systems that link storage facilities to production areas and despatch.
  • Designing complete new warehouse facilities.
  • Installation of racking along with auditing & safety inspections.
  • Managing electronic tracking of palletised outward goods.
  • Engineering reports for Materials Handling equipment, designs for bollards, pedestrian walkways, stillages and loading/unloading ramps.
  • Traffic Management & pedestrian flows, including Traffic Management Systems & Pedestrian Exclusion Zones.
  • Machinery Certification / Guarding 







Certified Testing of All Brands of Racking